You will need to spend some money for this, but you can conserve more if you will replace them straight away. The new designs don't consume lots of energy so you can anticipate that your monthly bills will go down.

You're not using lots of energy originating from the electricity firms so there is a large likelihood that your regular bills will likely be reduced significantly. The preliminary expenditure can be a tad high, but it will definitely be worth your cash.
The best method to conserve electricity is to close the lights when you're not using them. Try to natural light during daytime as well. You need to open your curtains and permit natural light to go inside. You won't need to open your lights throughout the day.
The easiest approach to preserve electricity is to close your lights when you're not using them and try to all-natural lighting during the day. You do not have to open your lights during day time as you can enable all-natural light to illuminate your house in daytime.
Lighting is typically ignored because a number of people believe that you can turn on the lights for 24 hours without having to worry about your electricity. Your bulbs may be small, but they up lots of energy.